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released November 25, 2014

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DEFIANT TEEN New York, New York

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Track Name: Too Many Tabs
We built a program
It made the sea
Pushed some buttons
and up popped some trees

the birds calling
the leaves falling
its all mathematics
to me.
Track Name: Modern Family
yr parents are getting a divorce
I am watching from yr bed
every morning someone is screaming
yr brothers knuckles are bleeding
yr mother has given up in believing
I now know why you sleep through yr alarm.
Track Name: Anosmic Bloodhounds
Something intelligent
brace for an argument
we're running around
like anosmic bloodhounds
with no direction
looking for our fate
can bring us escapes
of getting lost in stars
hoping for life on mars
we got no direction
most hope for something
but then they get nothing
maybe the world will stop talking
if i keep on walking
in yr direction
Track Name: An Attempt To Collect A Debt
I don't read the mail
I dont answer the phone
I keep my doors locked tight
I stay home all alone

Oh god i charged it to the card
Oh god i entered my pin
Oh i was staring at their camera
while they were staring at my sin

I want to drive so fast
past the unceasing snow
for the fevered spring
we all deserve to know

Oh lord, we'll never take this to the streets
Oh lord, the starbucks window's still intact
Oh lord, gimme the RFID
Oh lord, cause lord knows I dont have a choice
Track Name: Freaking Out
im freaking out.